February 7, 2016
Art, politics, angels, demons . . . and righteous dogs.


The winner of the special Sundance prize for docs this year was Gasland by Josh Fox (airing on HBO June 21). It discusses a kind of drilling called hydraulic fracturing and what a bright idea that is . . . or isn’t.  Get a load of this trailer for the film in which this guy is able to light up his faucet.

Sharp increases in pollution, illness and death are a big price for this gas.  Seems like the same story all over.  Killing ourselves chasing down the last drop of fossil.

Now, here’s the solution.  The people of Samso Island in Denmark decided to chase, instead, every possible non-fossil solution to the problem.  Today they produce more energy than they need and sell it at a profit. Two very close dots, very easy to connect. If only we move the greed machine out of the way.


  1. larryroibal says:

    I love that the guy says “It’s not supposed to do that.”
    I guess that’s for the edification of any natural gas execs that may think we want flammable gas spewing from our faucets.

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