April 21, 2014
Art, politics, angels, demons . . . and righteous dogs.

Hey, it’s Oscar Time!

No, no don’t run away. I’m here to help.

Our annual collision between large screen fantasy and small screen fiction is about to commence. And nobody can explain what it means. That might be because it is profoundly without meaning. With that in mind I offer my annual take on the future of Hollywood. This is all certifiably correct. Mock my words.

Thanks to the perfect team of Susan Brenneman and Wes Bausmith at the LA Times who made this page of Sunday funnies possible.

2014 Oscars 1


2014 Oscars Wolf 2


2014 Oscars 3 Cruz


2014 Oscars 5 Brown


2014 Oscars 4 Christie

Oscars Koch 1

Grandpas Type1 Grandpas type 2


2014 Oscars 6 Birdseye


2014 Oscars 8 Woody


2014 Oscars 9 Hillary


Good Bye, Little Tony

Love this by Jonathan Chait in NY Mag. “Everything Rubio touches turns to shit.” READ

Rubio Bust

Who Are the Top Guns in Congress?


Latest from Sochi

In all the Olympic hubbub, there is nary a mention of the most exciting Sochi events.

As a public service, by way of the Washington Post and Marianne Seregi, AD, here they are.

Honored . . .

. . .  to be once again selected to have work included in the upcoming Communication Arts Annual.

Mad Men final w typesm

Mad Men 5

Here are those Mad Men of Climate Change Denial. For The American Prospect, Mary Parsons AD and Kit Rachlis Ed.

Wingnuts Nation Cover w type700Then there is the Ted Cruz and Co. cover for The Nation. Robert Best AD, Roane Carey, Katrina vanden Heuvel Eds.

Screen Shot 2014-02-10 at 10.15.42 AM Screen Shot 2014-02-10 at 10.15.10 AM

Twenty of the 100 Illustrators included in the new book of that name featured this week on The Daily Beast. The word fantastic applies to this book and the authors for creating something so beautiful and affirmative of both illustration and the graphic arts.

HILLARY RECEPTION2This Hill and Bill from ’09, for Newsweek’s great Amid Capeci, starts my chapter in the new book, 100 Illustrators by Julius Wiedemann and Steven Heller. It is a great honor to be included as well as to have very nice things written about one by such authors. Many thanks to all involved and congrats to my fellow honorees.

Hungry Elephant Final Popsm

Included also is this hungry fellow, done for Mother Jones.

BRODNER Frank Ocean siteAs is this portrait of Frank Ocean, a rap music innovator and very brave guy.

My great thanks to all who have made this awards season especially bright.