April 19, 2014
Art, politics, angels, demons . . . and righteous dogs.

Premiere Episode: Years of Living Dangerously

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My Jack Davis Lecture

The good folks at the University of Georgia at Athens will be hosting the annual Jack Davis Distinguished Visiting Artist Lecture next week and, in a loose moment, invited yours truly. It is a great honor. Not only to be asked to join fellow artists who truly appreciate the traditions of satirical journalism, but also to celebrate the great Jack Davis, who is an alum.  I have met Mr. Davis and can tell you a more gentle and courtly man you could not hope to meet. As an artist he is, for me, a paragon of the kind of work that fired me up in the very beginning. If ever there was a perfect illustrator, he is it. Protean in attack and ambition, he has scaled great heights, not only becoming the signature caricaturist of Mad magazine, but also the go-to artist for just about every comedy movie and TV poster and ad in the US for a generation. Here’s hoping to see my southern friends and colleagues who might be able to make it over to the school next Thursday . . .  and join me in a toast, in his 90th year, to the Great Jack.

UGA postersmJack Davis by SB sm


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Latest from Sochi

In all the Olympic hubbub, there is nary a mention of the most exciting Sochi events.

As a public service, by way of the Washington Post and Marianne Seregi, AD, here they are.

Hail Caesar

What made Sid Caesar brilliant? I would say, in a word, explosive reaction to a world constantly wreaking frustration upon mankind. His art was that of endured anger, taken to the breaking point and then beyond. His getting to that point is made simultaneously palpable and hilarious by his amazing ability to exaggerate and caricature.

For all my friends who remember him and those for whom Sid will be new, I offer my picks.  In Sid lies the essence what it is like to cope in the age of anxiety, which, alas, proceeds apace.


Sid and Nanette Fabray pantomime Beethoven’s 5th, finding a narrative and even a punchline. One take, live on network TV.

The immortal This is Your Life parody. This has outlived the memory of the actual (awful) show. I’m sure clips of this are on all the news broadcasts tonight. Here the whole thing is in all its glory.

Then there is the business meeting sketch. It’s all about the food.

The German General (sorry for the quality. Still great.)

The Recital. My life.

There’s more on Youtube and on Netflix. Thank goodness for them. And the work of Sid and the idea of humor this personal, real and deeply funny.