November 27, 2015
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Improve on “Redskins”? That’s Easy.

In today’s Washington Post: my top picks for a new name for the Redskins. What’s yours? Online here.

Redskins Title for BlogDark Money for Blog Originalists for Blog Gippers for Blog Whistleblowers for Blog Power Players for Blog Monuments for blogRedskins final 600


Ever see a flying saucer? Consider the political career of Ariel Sharon. Deliciously ironic that on the day of his death the Israeli government douses the torch of the Kerry talks by issuing more settlements in West Bank and E. Jerusalem. Fitting tribute.


The 1% Join the Chorus

Noted: this week’s Bloomberg Businessweek. Recognizing Climate Change’s ominous portends in one of the starkest covers and stories of the year. When the 1% call out an issue, it signals a change in the media. A sea change, as it were. Congrats to Josh Tyrangiel and gang there. Showing smarts and courage.


Businessweek Climate cover

And this very important story about Buffet’s Coal Train in Montana. If stopping this is liberal than we all are liberal. This is game over for the planet unless we act.



Buffett train

3 Lines: Gregory Johnson




Gregory Johnson may have had the quote of the year on a recent Newshour interview with Margaret Warner. Listen closely. He tells her that in 2009 al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula consisted of a couple hundred fighters. Now, after Obama’s drone killing campaign there are thousands. Why? We are killing innocents, families. These make people angry. Not a difficult concept really. But one we are deaf to. And one that makes this a self licking ice cream cone. And leaves them and us in a state of perpetually being f*cked.


Watch see it here:

Gregory Johnson


Reading Krusinski

KRUSINSKIclick on image to enlarge